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A few words to summarise our UWD Solutions.

We are here to help...

We do not advertise that we offer "cheap" websites or "cheap" internet solutions... NO! We have a social commitment and a patriotic passion towards offering the people of Uganda high quality services but also empathise with respect to financial difficulties and reflect this in our pricing structures. This is our way of giving back and offering support.

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We purposely do not put links to our clients websites as we feel that this does not show our portfolio range to the best of it's capacity, so we prefer to demonstrate our work through the templates which we design. We have displayed 100 designs on this site and trust that you now have a feel for our capabilities.

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Do not be put off by the use of the term "template" as we view them as designs ready for manipulation. Once we have integrated your text, images, logo, preferred colour palette and personalised additional elements, this will produce a whole new look and feel to the products end result.

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We strongly advise you "NOT" to use cheap or free self hosted websites as they do not benefit you in the long run and simply do not produce results. Plus you are limited to what you can produce and how to SEO market it. Unless you really understand the complexities of web design and hosting, generally self hosting simply does not work.

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Our online shopping platform is essentially the same (behind the scenes) operating system for all our e-commerce sites, however, we can produce endless shopping sites which all provide a unique look and feel about them. Many clients use such sites for displaying their products effectively as an online brochure as well as aiming to get online sales.

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We would just like to thank you for your interest in our wed design and internet solution services and trust that we can be of assistance to you, whether your are looking for a simply personal website or something scalable for your business. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you.

"Why not find out more about this husband and wife team Steve and Charity Stachini and understand their reasons for being so passionate towards helping the people of Uganda. See their other projects and creative businesses at: which is their hub site with information and links."

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