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Hints, tips and guidance to planning your website...

No need to make life complicated - Just make browsing a pleasure!

Far too many people like to cram as much information and imagery as possible on to their website, though commonly human nature has a tendency to skip through content, hence the use of the word "browser". Short, concise sentences and paragraphs get the point across to the reader more efficiently.
So what can we tell you?

A good relevant domain name as well as a company domain name is always the wise choice, so consider purchasing two domain names. We can advise you on your strategy.

Don't get confused with terminology. There are many platforms, styles and scripting of web design formats. The honest truth is that Wordpress is the best all round solution.

If you wish to control your own site with regular updates after your initial site has been constructed, then we are happy to provide you with training services at a reasonable daily rate.

Every website should be responsive in design and suitable for all mobile devices and internet browsers. Functionality is paramount and good design is worked around this to suit.

Online shopping is forever on the increase, though in Uganda shipping and payment methods are always an issue for international clients. We do have work around solutions for this.

Think of your website as an organic extension of how you wish to be perceived as well as a marketing tool. Be prepared to have it update in order to adapt with technological change.

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Keep your content relevant
Format in generic ordered sizes
Map out your site on paper first
Be prepared to invest in your site
Use social media to drive traffic

Don't incorporate Google Ads
Never use annoying "popups"
Don't use YouTube - use Vimeo
Never use background music

Ask us for honest guidance!

Remember that even responsive websites act in a different way on mobile devices compared to viewing on a PC, so all round functionality and design have to compliment each other.

Crisp clean layouts are as effective as impressive graphics and load times are crucial.

"Our commitment to helping you is paramount. We are on a drive to assist Ugandans in every way possible as many African countries never seem to get the funding or internet infrastructure that they truly deserve. We are happy to provide training courses to individuals, businesses, schools and community workshops."

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