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Less than 10% of CV's make it past the first round. Be in the top 10!

Your future is priceless! Pro CV Only 150k - Starter Website Only 500k

HI, my name is Steve Stachini and I am offering you my professional and tested resume service that follows the exact ‘resume rules’ employers are looking for. It couldn't be easier! Email your text details and images and we shall amend accordingly whilst incorporating "buzz keywords" and phrases as well as structuring your CV in a professional format. At the lowest price possible we provide you with the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

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No more writer’s block or formatting difficulties. We relieve you of the stress and worry of how to create a professional resume that employers will love and increase your chances.

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Easy and quick marketing, as we provide you with your very own web link to use, direct to your CV/BIO as well as a downloadable PDF version in an A4 printable format.

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You can email your link or PDF to employers or recruitment agencies, even the links on the PDF work and you can also have your own custom web links on your CV/BIO.

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Get noticed! Get hired! A time saving solution with expertly constructed content and online availability 24hrs. You can even text or WhatsApp your resume in seconds.

Bringing European expertise to Uganda and offering amazing discounted rates to assist the Ugandan youth, private and business sectors. A truly personal service from Steve and Charity Stachini.

Over 20 years experience: Web Design, Professional Online CV's, Search Engine Optimisation, Hosting, Facebook Management, Internet Services, Logo and Graphic Design, and so much more...

My CV BIO Services Interview • Improved opportunities.
• More potential interviews.
• Mobile friendly. Easy links.
My CV BIO Services Online • CV/BIO only 150k UGX
• Easy self promotion.
My CV BIO Services Sample • Personalised format.
• Sample CV: Charity
• Sample CV: Kellie
My CV BIO Services Web Site • Websites only 500k UGX
• FREE 1yr hosting/domain.
• Annual renewal 150k UGX

"Our CV / BIO service cost of 150k is a one off only payment with no annual renewal fees. Your web link to your CV is easy and convenient for messaging or emailing to potential employers or simply as a reference to your personal profile. We may charge a little something for any future amendments, but nothing that will break the bank :-) enjoy!"

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